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Your first time on the Island can be a whirlwind of excitement and confusion. Here is a helpful guide to the  Pidgin Slang that will make you feel JUST like a native: Lets start out easy ALOHA (uh-LOW-ha) – A greeting. Can mean hello, goodbye, or love. BODDA YOU?...

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Staying at Puakea Ranch is a bit of a surreal experience. There is something so calming, yet exhilarating about mixture of the trees along with the gentle power of the wind constantly restructuring each piece of nature the ranch has to offer. Puakea had the wonderful pleasure of hosting Plein...

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The gifting of leis are a signature part of Hawaiian tradition. However, Many don’t know the true meaning behind each signature lei being received. Let’s break it down together: Purple, Green, and White Flower Leis Purple, green, and white leis are often made from orchids. Orchid leis are given...

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We went through a very emotional break up recently… with our old website. It was tough cause we were together for so long. We’ve mourned, we ate ice cream, watched romcoms, the whole shabang. Now we went shopping, got a new outfit, got our haircut, and we are ready...

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Words are so important. They have the potential to make a day, and ruin a year. I have to be honest; when I woke up today, I wanted to find a love letter to post on today’s blog. But I stumbled upon a website so beautiful and unique. A...

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I woke up this morning to find this story on my amazing friend Lindsay’s Facebook wall. I would say more but there is really no need to. “To the Person Who Took My Ring, I want you to know that I am not mad at you. Truly. I was...

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We love to hear feedback from our valued customers. Here are just a few reviews on trip advisor we just had to divulge. “We had such a lovely time staying in the James Cottage at Puakea Ranch. What a special place, we didn’t want to leave. The cottage was...

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Winter time can hit us hard, and Hawaii is no exception. If you are taking the plunge and vacationing in Hawaii in the winter time, here are some things you can be prepared to face on the Big Island. Proper covering-You are going to face temperatures as low as...

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Thanks Green Wedding Shoes for the amazing highlight. If you haven’t checked it out be sure to at:   https://greenweddingshoes.com/romantic-hawaiian-wedding-at-puakea-ranch-alexis-ben/ 2016 is off to a great start!

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Hawaii is certainly a magical place in every season, but have you ever thought of how extra special it might be around Christmas time? Here are some wonderful Christmas traditions that will make you ask yourself, “why go anywhere else for the holidays?”: -Why say “Merry Christmas” when you...

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Puakea Ranch

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